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  • 01.16.2020

[MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY] Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!? & Hall of Fame Increased Draw Rate Greater Summon begin!

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To commemorate the return of the FFX collaboration event, yet another visitor from Spira has arrived...!!!

Sophie's Legend job Sphere Hunter is here!
There's the new EX Ability card Dhampyr X, too!

Let's check out the details!

New Sophie Legend Job

Sphere Hunter
Job Type: Monk
Multiplayer Role: Breaker

Dancing Beat
Area attack. Help your foes to feel real emotion.

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 pm to
Saturday, February 1, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

New EX Ability Card

Dhampyr X
Ability: Mage's Trance X

Support ability - Adds Mage's Trance II and Quicken, generates 12 element orbs, and restores HP.

New Boosted Ability Cards

The following ability cards that were created to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Mobius FF (JP version) have joined the summoning lineup!
For a limited time, they can be summoned from the Boosted Greater Summon Featuring Paine!? banner.
If summoned during this period, you will receive these cards at ★5 with max card level, max ability level, all extra skills unlocked, and all seeds unlocked when summoning them for the first time!

Warrior Maiden of Hope
Ability: Hope Springs Eternal

Support ability - Area fire attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Fireshift Bis II.
Temporal Sorceress
Ability: Time Does Not Wait

Support ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Windshift Bis II.
I vs. I
Ability: Thanks.

Support ability - Area earth attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Earthshift Bis II.
I got this!
Ability: Try-hard

Support ability - Adds Wall, Berserk, and Quicken to self and all enemies, and increases own ultimate gauge. In multiplayer, beneficial effects do not affect all allies.
Meia the Mystified
Ability: Together As One

Support ability - Adds Sleep, Nightmare, Weaken, Debarrier and lowers defense against Break for all enemies.

To commemorate the appearance of new Job Quest courses, we're holding the Hall of Fame Increased Draw Rate Greater Summon!

This summon is focused on the 3 jobs of Legendary Guardian, Al Bhed Huntress, and Cait Sith Suit only!
In addition, the job draw is twice the normal rate!

Now let's check out the details!

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 pm to
Friday, January 24, 6:59 pm PST (UTC-8)

Card Lineup

Legendary Guardian
Job Type: Warrior
Multiplayer Role: Defender

Area attack. Conjure forth a swirling blast of wind with a dizzyingly fast slash and return no worse for the wear.
Al Bhed Huntress
Job Type: Ranger
Multiplayer Role: Breaker

Chaos Grenade
Area attack. Smash your opponents with an odd concoction.
Cait Sith Suit
Accessory: Fat Moogle
Job Type: Ranger
Multiplayer Role: Breaker

PuPu Platter
Area attack. Deals fixed damage of 54540 from another world...to your face!

Receive a Reissued FFX Card as a Bonus

Each time you perform this summon, you will receive 1 past-issue FFX card as a bonus!
(You will summon a total of 7 cards including the bonus card)
*You are guaranteed to draw no duplicate bonus cards until you have received all 5 FFX cards.

FFX Limited Cards

Auron: FFX
Ability: Suppression

Warrior ability - Single-target wind attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Debrave, Curse, and Unguard.
Rikku: FFX
Ability: Let's Do It!

Ranger ability - Area fire attack. Adds Debarrier and lowers defense against Break.
Lulu: FFX
Ability: Temptation

Mage ability - Area water attack (damage focus, multistrike overkill).
Kimahri: FFX
Ability: Lancet

Monk ability - Single-target earth attack (multistrike overkill). Lowers critical resist. Adds Taijutsu (Attack increases ability damage and allows it to reduce Break gauges.)
Wakka: FFX
Ability: Our new goal...is victory!

Adds Brave, Boost, Berserk, and Ultimate Charge. Affects all allies in multiplayer.

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