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  • 06.02.2017

New FINAL FANTASY XIV cards and Achievement added in Triple Triad!

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25 new "FINAL FANTASY XIV" cards will now appear in "Triple Triad"!

The cards can be obtained by playing against "Terra" in solo mode.

Added cards

25 " FINAL FANTASY XIV " cards

How to obtain:
Play against "Terra" in solo mode.

Added new achievement card

New achievement "FFXIV Aficionado" and "FFXIV Aficionado 2" have been added! Collect 10 cards from the FINAL FANTASY XIV series to get a "Brute Justice" card! And Collect 20 cards from the FINAL FANTASY XIV series to get a "Heavensward Y'shtola" card!

How to obtain for "Brute Justice":
Collect 10 cards from FFXIV.

How to obtain for "Heavensward Y'shtola":
Collect 20 cards from FFXIV.


A new card also added to the Item Exchange!

●Triple Triad card "Senor Sabotender" ★★★★

▼See below to access the TT Card Exchange▼
Go to Item Exchange

◆Launching the "Triple Triad" app

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Android users, please refer to:

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We hope you continue to enjoy playing "Triple Triad."

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