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  • 07.13.2017

FFXII: Light of the Skies collaboration event begins in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY!

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In celebration of the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, the special collaborative event called FFXII: Light of the Skies will be taking place in Mobius FF!

A group of floating islands has appeared in the skies above Palamecia!
Awaiting you there are the Mandragoras, who are burning up in anticipation of fighting pirates!
Now it is time to board an airship to race across the Light of the Skies and search for treasure hidden within the floating islands!


Wednesday, July 12, at 7:00 p.m.
to Tuesday, August 15, at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8)

Event Summary

How to Access
Select FFXII: Light of the Skies from the world map to access the event.

Difficulty Settings
Within the FFXII: Light of the Skies event, the level of the enemies will be adjusted based upon the player's level.

If you are a lower level the difficulty will automatically be lowered, so even newcomers to Mobius FF can try it out!
Along your path you will find various treasures and exclusive companion spirits, so try your best to clear out the event region!

Defeat the Wanted Mandragoras!
On the various floating islands there will be missions to defeat the target depicted in the wanted poster, otherwise known as Wild Fiend Hunts.

The basic way to progress through this event is to complete the Wild Fiend Hunts as you proceed to the next area!

Additionally, the Mandragoras have the ability to strengthen other monsters! Don't go easy on them just because they are vegetables!

Ride the Airship to the Next Island!
Once certain conditions have been fulfilled, you will be able to ride the airship to the next island!

Paths to others islands will be opened once the appropriate map has been found. Once you have found a new map, board the airship and make your way to the next island!

Make Friends with the Mandragoras!

These meddling Mandragoras can actually be brought along with you as a companion spirit! These 5 companion spirits can be obtained through treasure chests across the islands.

Even if you don't complete the event to the very end you can still obtain these companion spirits, so try to collect them all!

Not only that, but each of the Mandragoras will also make their appearance as new ability cards! Each of them have new abilities that have never been seen before!

For example, the Topstalk has the ability Warrior's Trance, which raises the stats of warrior-type jobs for a set number of turns! On the other hand, Onion Queen possesses the ability Dispelga, which can remove boons from all enemies... It may not seem like it, but it's actually surprisingly powerful!

You can also use the material cards that the Mandragoras drop to augment them up to ★4! Try to collect all the cards and augment them before the event ends!

FFXII Collaboration Card Summon!

The sky pirates from FFXII have made their appearance in the world of Mobius FF! They've relocated from the wide skies of Ivalice in order to come to Palamecia to aid the Warrior of Light!

6 FFXII collaboration cards are available for a limited time from the FFXII Collab Greater Summon!
In addition, a new Legend Job Judge Magister, and the new The Undying: FFXII ability card have been added to the permanent Lineup!
The new Supreme card, Yiazmat: FFXII, can also be summoned for a limited time!

Wednesday, July 12, at 7:00 p.m.
to Friday, July 21, at 6:59 p.m.(UTC-8)

Card Lineup
Augmentable to ★5


Ability: Red Spiral
Ranger ability - Single-target fire attack (damage focus).


Ability: Dusk Shard
Adds Stun (prevents action) and Unguard (nullifies Defense) to all enemies.

Basch: FFXII

Ability: Flame Purge
Warrior ability - Single-target fire attack (damage focus).

Penelo: FFXII

Ability: Intercession
Mage ability - Single-target light attack (damage focus).

Balthier & Fran: FFXII

Ability: Ark Blast
Monk ability - Single-target light attack (damage focus).

Larsa & Vayne: FFXII

Ability: Hi-Potion & Nethicite
Restores HP and increases resistance to all elements.

New Collaboration Job: Judge Magister!
To commemorate this collaboration with FFXII, the ranger-type Legend job Judge Magister will be available for summon in our lineup permanently!
You will now be able to summon this job at a low rate as an extra card from the ★3 Ability Summon, ★4 Ability Summon, and Greater Ability Summon!

*The above image is for illustrative purposes only and may not be fully representative of the actual card.

Judge Magister

Job Type: Ranger
Multiplayer Role: Attacker
Elemental Affinity 1: Fire/Water/Wind
Elemental Affinity 2: Fire/Wind/Light
Guilt: Area attack. Justice's blade shines with an explosive blast of light, judging your foes.

The Undying: FFXII Permanently Added to Lineup!
A new card, The Undying: FFXII, will be a permanent addition to the summoning lineup!

The Undying: FFXII

Ability: Enrage
Adds Haste (increases actions per turn), Snipe (increases Crit Chance), and Drain (attacks and Ultimates restore HP).

Supreme Card Yiazmat: FFXII Arrives!

The incredibly powerful dragon has arrived as the ability card Yiazmat: FFXII!
For a limited time from July 12 (Wed.) at 7:00 p.m. to August 1 (Tues.) at 6:59 p.m. (UTC-8) the Supreme card Yiazmat: FFXII will be available through summoning.
Supreme cards can be summoned through the Greater Summon, ★3 Ability Summon, and ★4 Ability Summon at a low rate.
This card is available early through summoning only, so don't miss it!

Yiazmat: FFXII

Ability: Cyclones
Monk supreme ability - Area wind attack (multistrike overkill). Adds Mantra (Attack increases ability damage and allows it to reduce Break Gauges) and Ultra-Martial Combat.

*Supreme cards cannot be summoned through Cactuar Summon or Job Summon.
*After you have obtained a Supreme card it will no longer be summonable.
*The probability of summoning a Supreme card increases according to the number of Magicite or Summon Tickets used for that summon.

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