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  • 08.20.2015

For those who cannot log in to the Final Fantasy Portal App

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1. A "Square Enix Account" is required.

Please be advised that it is not possible to log in using a "Square Enix Members" account.
If you do not own a "Square Enix Account," or are unsure whether your ID is a member's ID, then please register here.

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Square Enix Account below

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2. Unable to log in despite entering the ID and/or password for "Square Enix Account"

Any of the following may be possible.

  • - A restriction has been placed on your login
  • - Your ID and/or password is incorrect
  • - The password for your security token has changed
  • - The Portal App is under maintenance
  • - Your browser's cache may be affecting your accessibility

Please check this FAQ for details.

3. Forgotten ID and password

Please check this FAQ for details.

For those who were unable to resolve the issue despite consulting the above contents:

Contact us (NA)
Contact us (EU)

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