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What is the FF Portal App?

"FINAL FANTASY Portal App" is a general portal app for your smartphone that gives you access to the latest information on FINAL FANTASY games, books, music, merchandise, events, and more!
Check out information on new titles, watch videos, or find out about exclusive content and deals!

Get important updates!

Be sure to check the bottom portion of the top page to see bug notifications and more updates regarding FF mobile titles.


The timeless classics "FINAL FANTASY" and "FINAL FANTASY II" are available as in-app games for the FF Portal App!

1. To launch the game, tap the Apps button on the FINAL FANTASY Portal App top page.

2. Select FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version) or FINAL FANTASY II (Portal Version) from the App List.

3. Then tap "START GAME."

*This app is made specifically to launch from the FF Portal App only.
*The Portal Version is not compatible with other FF release of the same title.

Triple Triad for your smartphone!

The popular card game from FINAL FANTASY VIII is now available as an in-app game for the FINAL FANTASY Portal App!

Over 300 cards representing the entire FINAL FANTASY series with more cards added periodically!

Win matches to obtain more cards, and create a collection of your favorite characters or series!

And not to worry, losing matches will not result in losing cards!

Play at least one match a day to receive Portal Points!

Starting the Triple Triad app

Launch the game by tapping the "Triple Triad" icon at the top of the app's top page.

Collect points to exchange for items!

By logging in through your Square Enix account, you can acquire "Portal Points"! Exchange these points for various items, such as wallpapers and other digital contents!
Collect even more points by reading up on the latest news and watching videos. If you reach your point goal each month, you can earn items as rewards!

How do I collect Portal Points?

Please begin by logging in to your Square Enix account.

Daily Points: 4 (standard)

Tap the daily points at the top of the page.

* Renewed every day at 12:00 a.m. (GMT)

Points for viewing news / FF Topics: 2 (standard)

FF Topics are special articles such as developer interviews and information on special events. Tap the "Get Points" button at the very bottom of updated news articles to claim points.

  • * You can only get points from each article once.
  • * You can only get points for the 30 newest articles.

Points for viewing videos: 2 (standard)

FF Videos is where you can view the latest videos of FINAL FANTASY-related titles! Tap on the thumbnail of each video to claim points.

* You can only claim points from each video once.

Daily Points for playing Triple Triad: 4 (standard)

When you play one "Triple Triad" match you will receive Portal Points.

* You can only claim points once per day.

* Renewed every day at 12:00 a.m. (GMT)

Get points by enabling push notifications!

Users who have push notifications enabled will sometimes receive bonus points, courtesy of the staff!
Portal Points will be awarded to users who have fulfilled the following conditions:
- Users who have set "Receive Notifications" to "ON."
- Users who have logged in to their Square Enix accounts through the FINAL FANTASY Portal App at least once.

View Current Points

View your individual points throughout the month. Your points will be displayed at the top of the Item Exchange page.

*Points expire after 2 months.

Total Points

Tap on "Total Points" from the Item Exchange to see how many points you've accumulated total.

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  • - Logins are valid for 30 days.
  • - When logins become invalid after 30 days, there is a possibility that you may not receive points properly, so please remember to log in again in this case.
  • - Please be very careful in the management of your Square Enix ID, mail address, and password.
  • - Personal information entered on legitimate screens guaranteed by Square Enix is encoded with SSL protocol above 128 bits, securely sent, and managed with the utmost security.

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