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April 21st

FF Weekly: Poll

April 27 marks FINAL FANTASY III’s 32nd anniversary! One unique feature of FFIII is its variety of airships, so to commemorate the game’s release we’d like to ask which airship floats your boat!

Q: Which of FFIII’s airships would you want to try riding?

Cid’s Airship

In the past, airships flew all over world’s skies, but due to regulations against them for fear of their misuse by the military, this one created by the inventor Cid is the last remaining on the Floating Continent.


Originally the last of the vikings’ ships remaining after the sea serpent Nepto attacks their fleet. It is later modified into an airship by Cid, but due to its maritime origins, it can only land on water.


Dug up by a Saronian investigative party and repaired by its engineers, this swift ship travels at four times the speed of Cid’s airship. It also later is modified with submarine functionality, allowing travel underwater.


A massive airship hidden deep in the Ancient Ruins. Equipped with an item dispenser, lodging and other necessities of adventuring, this is also the only airship that can travel over small mountains.

Q: Please tell us why.

Poll Duration:
April 21–April 27, 2022, 23:59 (PDT)
April 21–April 27, 2022, 7:59 (GMT)

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