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Report: FINAL FANTASY Report
from E3 2016!

Hello, this is Mariko, from the FINAL FANTASY Portal App team! Hope you have been enjoying the App so far!

As you know, E3 2016 took place in Los Angeles from June 14-16 and there was a lot of new FINAL FANTASY information released! I had the opportunity to attend in person and report back on the fantastic experience for all of our Portal App readers.

Hope you enjoy this special E3 report!

On the way to the venue

E3 2016 took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. The flight from Tokyo to LA takes roughly 10 hours. After landing, we then headed straight to the venue.

While on our way, we made a fun discovery in the streets of Downtown!

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that there were FINAL FANTASY XV-themed banners!

The anticipation for the event itself skyrocketed after seeing FINAL FANTASY banners in the city!

Finally, the convention center was in sight!

There were lots of banners across the main entrance to the venue – I guess this is as expected from the biggest video game convention in the world!

Into the venue we go

Giant signs displaying FINAL FANTASY XV, WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, and more were hung in the front entrance.

But that wasn't all there was to see in the entrance...

That yellow creature looks familiar...

Aha! It's the Fat Chocobo from FINAL FANTASY XIV! Fans were in a very long line in anticipation to take a picture while riding the chocobo.

Though we wanted to join the fans in line...we were unfortunately on a tight schedule. So instead, the Portal App team moved on to the SQUARE ENIX booth in the main space.

The booth itself was immediately visible after entering the South Hall.

The setup was enormous!
There was a studio with live-feed, display screens, plus kiosks to try out the games!

In the very center of the area was an area to play the Trial of Titan demo for FINAL FANTASY XV!

Here's where attendees could play FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE.

And in this area, fans were able to take on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Sephirot Battle Challenge.

Teams that managed to defeat the enemy and win the challenge were given a special "I BEAT SEPHIROT" t-shirt as a prize!

Over here you could watch the trailers for the new mobile game, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!

I myself, managed to snag a special postcard!

Also inside the booth was a merchandise area with displays of figures from various FINAL FANTASY titles.

Demo games

On the first day, I had the privilege to enter the venue before it opened, so I took the opportunity to try out the FINAL FANTASY XV demo.

After a long and arduous battle against the humungous Titan, I managed to beat it! The fight blew me away!

I only wish I'd managed to make better use of the Warp Strike function during the fight to make it look more impactful. The demo makes me excited to see what's to come this September when the game launches!

Live feed

The SQUARE ENIX booth also had a mini-studio for its live online broadcast called SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS. We were live broadcasting from this booth almost the entire duration of E3.

You can view some of the programs and trailers broadcasted during the event.

Go to FF Videos

Spotlight theater

The SQUARE ENIX booth even had its own stage. The special "FINAL FANTASY XV Live Stage Presentation," featuring the director, Hajime Tabata, was held on both the first and second days of E3.

On the first day, they presented a new mode called the "Wait Mode." On the second day, two new videos were released including: "Regalia TYPE-F" and "Altissia, City Upon the Water."

You can view these videos and more details from the presentation.

Go to FF Videos

And so the three days of E3 passed by quickly, as it was a fun show jam-packed with tons of FINAL FANTASY content! I look forward to bringing you more of the latest FINAL FANTASY info in the future. Hope you enjoyed this special E3 report!

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