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In celebration of the 4th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, we're hosting special events on the FINAL FANTASY PORTAL site! Don't miss out!

Results of FFXIV Questionnaire

Here are what players had to say in the FF Portal FFXIV Questionnaire!

The class of your first character

#1: Lancer
#2: Gladiator
#3: Conjurer

Do players think "dragoon" when they think of "FINAL FANTASY"? Perhaps that's why "lancer" was the winner!

The race of your first character

#1: Miqo’te
#2: Hyur
#3: Elezen

Miqo'te and Hyur received the most votes.

Which enemy in which area gave you the most trouble?

  • Anything that aggroed first while I was low level.
  • Have still never beaten Odin in The Black Shroud more than once.
  • Titan HM gave me trouble for about 3 weeks after release
  • The giant morbols in central shroud (upper area) while trying to do FATEs...

Everyone struggled in various areas of the game. That's no surprise; FFXIV is chockful of powerful foes.

Who is your favorite NPC?

  • Thancred. I'm desperately waiting for more backstory on him.
  • Y'shtola. She's a knowledgeable character who thinks through situations.
  • The archer job trainer.
  • The one holding the box in Limsa Lowminsa.

Though the responses varied, the members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn were generally very popular!

In which location do you have fond memories?

  • Costa De Sol. It's beautiful and I would want to visit a beach just like it.
  • Ul'Dah. Really just for the daytime music.
  • Probably Kugane, since that was where my boyfriend and I went after our EB.
  • All of it the game is beautiful with a friendly helpful community.

While many locations were mentioned, some players stated the entire world was memorable.

Do you have a favorite mount?

If so, which one?

  • Black chocobo, because I just got it and can't wait to fly!
  • Ixion! One day it will be mine. For now I'm happy with my chocobo and witch broom!
  • Magitek armor, because it plays Terra's theme song from FF6 when riding it.
  • Sophic Lanner is my favorite mount. I worked so hard with friends to get one. It was an experience.
  • It seems a lot of players have a favorite ride! Many also responded with the mount they hope to obtain in the future.

    Do you own a house?

    If so, in which area?

    #1: Gridania (The Lavender Beds)
    #2: Ul’dah (The Goblet)
    #3: Limsa Lominsa (Mist)

    Though a close race, the forest nation of Gridania was the winner.

    Are you Team Alphinaud or Team Alisaie?

    Alisaie came out on top, but each twin has their own unique appeal and charm.

    What do you enjoy the most?

    #1: Fighting
    #2: Crafting
    #3: Gathering

    Unsurprisingly, "fighting" was the clear winner. Though sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax and enjoy some crafting and gathering.

    What prompted you to start playing FINAL FANTASY XIV?

    • I am die hard fan of FF and FFXI I spent my hardcore days.
    • A friend of mine got it for me so we could play together and I fell in love with it.
    • Because I've played every final fantasy and this wasn't an exception.
    • I love the bright beautiful graphics, good stories, and having a lot to do for fun!

    Many were invited by a friend or family member, or are fans of and have played past FF titles.

    What is your favorite song?

    • Dragonsong is my favorite song. It perfectly captures the atmosphere and feelings of Heavensward.
    • Not sure of track name, plays on the Enterprise when Cid reveals his memories
    • Answers the realm reborn theme.
    • The heavy metal song from Alexander

    Of the numerous responses, the primals' battle themes were mentioned quite often.

    What is your favorite dish?

    • I use Flatbread the most for a cheap XP boost and a minor tank buff
    • Hot chocolate and sad memories from 3.0
    • I love the newly added Baklava. In fact some dishes inspired me to try the real life version.
    • The cookies that transform you from the Halloween event. Still love those.

    Many seem to be quite fond of the food! Among the more popular dishes were the ones that raise characters' attributes.

    Have you formed an eternal bond with someone?

    If so, what prompted you to take the plunge?

    • He is someone that put me above all else and helped me through every difficult situation.
    • I liked them and wanted the cool mount! We've parted since then. Maybe one day I'll find true love
    • Not yet, but my boyfriend and I would like to have an Eternal Bond on our anniversary!
    • I needed someone to emotionnally support my Warrior of Light, and heal in fights.

    The responses varied from players wanting certain items to couples who are together in real life. Some even met their current partner in-game!

    Thank you for sharing your experience and taking part in our questionnaire!

Comment from the Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida

We received a special comment from the producer and director of FINAL FANTASY XIV, Naoki Yoshida!

What has been the most memorable or toughest moment of these past four years?

I feel like I say this every year, but time flies. I can’t believe it’s already been four years. The toughest moment was definitely the production of A Realm Reborn. It’s an experience from which I learned a lot and will never forget.

What is FFXIV’s greatest appeal?

For those thinking “I’m not a fan of online games,” I want you to try FFXIV. Like the “usual” FF titles, if you follow the main storyline, you’ll gain experience and level up. You can use the Duty Finder to find groups to explore dungeons with. If you’re still a little wary, you can get guidance from veteran Warriors of Light in the Novice Network, a chat channel for beginners. The only real difference between other FF titles is that FFXIV requires internet to play.

I urge you to sign up for the free trial that lets you play up to level 35! I hope to see all of you in Eorzea.

Click here for the FINAL FANTASY XIV free trial

FINAL FANTASY XIV Four-Year Anniversary 14-Hour Broadcast

The FF Portal staff gatecrashed the 14-hour broadcast held on 9/2 to mark four years of FINAL FANTASY XIV. Here are a few shots taken during the show!

The broadcast was streamed live from the twentieth floor of the Square Enix Tokyo HQ. There sure is a lot of equipment!

Some of you may remember this gigantic control deck. When are they planning to use it?

Here’s Kazutoyo Maehiro, Scenario Section Manager, sporting one of his handmade T-shirts. The theme this time was “Broken Grade V Materia” and it brings back painful memories of all those failed attempts at forbidden melds!

Before the broadcast began, we asked some of the developers to take part in a survey.

Where would you rather live: Doma or Ala Mhigo?

Doma was the clear winner. We had a few interesting responses, such as “Is there anywhere to actually live in Ala Mhigo?” and “I want to live in the Azim Steppe.”

Who do you prefer: Alphinaud or Alisaie?

Alisaie came out as the winner in this battle of the siblings. She certainly made an impact in “Stormblood.” Responses included “She went through so much with the whole Bahamut thing,” and “I’m going to pick the girl!”

Who’s your favorite NPC?

  • Magnai: The development team call him “Yohai-san” due to his habit of using this unusual term in the Japanese version to refer to himself and his people.
  • Gosetsu: “I’d like to meet Gosetsu.”
  • Isse: “His story made me tear up...”
Other favorites were Hien, and characters from “Heavensward” such as Haurchefant and Ysayle.

What’s your favorite in-game food or drink? Which would you like to try in real life?

  • Persimmon leaf sushi: “I use this one a lot.”
  • Mineral water: “Great for leveling up.”
  • Onigara-yaki: “I can’t imagine what this would actually taste like.”
It looks like the most popular choices were the items used for raids, boosting crafting stats, or those easily available for leveling up.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey!

The live broadcast started at 12:00 noon, Japan time. Yosuke Matsuda, the Square Enix CEO, joined the development team for a look back at the last four years of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

The editors of Famitsu magazine sent us this lovely Namazu cake. The glistening slime effect makes it uncannily realistic...

At 1 p.m. the Japanese voice actor Rie Tanaka arrived dressed as Sadu. As a committed FINAL FANTASY XIV player herself, she had a ton of questions for Yoshi-P.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi Takai, Design Section Manager, hosted this year’s “Challenge Accepted!” held on our secondary broadcast. He comes up with a new challenge every year, and this time was no different. This year’s theme was the “Atma Japanese Restaurant” and the goal was to fill three lines in Khloe’s journal. The Sound Director Masayoshi Soken even came dressed as Khloe!

“Hey there! Here’s a new journal!”

The 38th edition of “Letter from the Producer Live” started at 2:30 p.m. and covered the 4.1 patch. We were joined by Algebra Factory CEO, game designer, and writer Yasumi Matsuno, and talked about the upcoming Alliance Raid “Return to Ivalice”!

The FF Portal staff said their farewells at this point, but there was still a lot more ground covered in the broadcast. Highlights include:

- “From Eorzea with Love” web radio show with singer and voice actor Yoshino Nanjo.
- An impromptu introduction to motion capture as part of the FFXIV community stream.
- Yoshi-P’s Room featuring Teru, vocalist from the rock band GLAY.
- NGC’s “FINAL FANTASY XIV” (Season 3) live broadcast hosted by Edosan and Fumiichi.
- Level-5 CEO and president Akihiro Hino had a nice chat with Yoshi-P.

The live broadcast ended at around 2 a.m. That’s it for our report on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Four-Year Anniversary 14-Hour Broadcast!

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